Enabling dynamic, efficient network configuration

Software-Defined Networking aims to make networks agile and flexible. The goal of SDN is to improve network control by enabling enterprises to respond quickly to changing business requirements. As enterprises seek to exploit technologies such as cloud computing, data analytics and IoT, heavy demands on networks can lead to increasing complexity along with cost and resource-intensive management. With SDN, it’s easy to manage network traffic loads in a more flexible and efficient manner.

How can we meet your
Software-Defined Network needs?

PCCW Global’s Tier 1 network and expertise in building fibre networks provides the ideal backbone for a variety of business connectivity requirements.

Many businesses today require flexibility and easy access to multi-cloud environments. Using the latest developments in software defined networking we are able to provide that ultrafast, and affordable connectivity when its required. Previously this required extensive engineering time but moving towards software defined networks enables fast and secure direct access to the world’s biggest cloud providers including: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba.


Console Connect

Interconnect networks and clouds from anywhere in real-time, with the easy to use portal. Spin up virtual private Layer 2 and Layer 3 global connections with no in-depth technical knowledge.


PCCW Global’s fully managed SD-WAN solution leverages broadband internet connectivity to reduce unnecessary traffic on the MPLS network leaving capacity for mission-critical applications.


Our global MPLS VPN solution provides a single, converged private network for all your communications applications.

Global Ethernet

Our switched architecture is Ethernet over MPLS while our dedicated service is based on Ethernet over SONET/SDH (EoS) or Optical Transport Network (OTN) to provide international connectivity.

Global Internet Access

We peer with major carriers / ISPs / ICPs within each region to ensure good latency performance. That means US traffic is delivered within the US and Asian traffic is delivered within Asia.

Global Media Transport

PCCW Global operates one of the most resilient integrated global fibre and satellite TV networks supporting ad-hoc and real-time media distribution.

Console Connect

One-click to connect

Securely access best-of-breed services from any cloud or SaaS provider. Once setup, connect to business-critical partners and applications with just a click.

Complete control & visibility

Set up, terminate, change or upgrade your connectivity from anywhere to anywhere using our intuitive portal. See real-time network utilisation and manage usage alerts and monitoring tools.

On-Demand, flexible connectivity

Scale individual connections up and down on-demand. With flexible PAYG pricing we ensure your network usage fits your cloud economics.

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