(IP eXchange Network)
Guaranteed end-to-end delivery of voice and data over a single, converged connection

More than a technology

IPX is a business enabler, supporting the development of services such as HD Video Calling.

What are the benefits of IPX?

Network simplicity

IPX provides fixed and mobile operators with high quality, cost effective interconnect services.

Security and reliability

IPX over PCCW Global’s MPLS VPN network make it the ideal foundation for international voice and data and mission critical applications.

New revenue streams

IPX can help operators fully exploit the advantages of end-to-end IP networks and access new revenue streams from future services.

IPX Features

Wide range of services, including roaming (signalling, data roaming), communication (VoIPX, VoLTE, ViLTE, HDVC, anti-fraud), VAS.

Extensive MPLS/IP coverage allowing global access to our IPX voice platform from 3,000 cities in over 150 countries.

Flexible customer routing decision and control.

QoS including guaranteed end-to-end SLAs.

Instant access to one of the largest private IP global backbones.

Worldwide coverage with PoPs in key geographies, both in developed and emerging economies.

24/7 network management, surveillance and maintenance by PCCW Global’s Network Operation Centre (NOC).

Why choose PCCW Global for IPX?

Extensive on-net coverage

PCCW Global owns one of the largest private IP backbones worldwide and is ranked among the top 10 Internet service providers globally. Service providers can already connect to the PCCW Global IPX in over 160 countries and in more than 3,000 cities.


PCCW is an active member of the GSMA Forum and I3 Forum and is actively helping to shape the future of IPX. We are committed to expanding our extensive on-net IPX coverage and launching innovative new products and applications over our global IPX platform to help service providers get a competitive edge.

True local access

Not all IPX are created equal and some carriers use any Internet (IPsec), or international long distance to access the IPX network. At PCCW Global we value transparency and our IPX network enables local in-country access without the need for internet or long distance interconnections.

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