What is Console Connect?

25 February 2020

Watch this short video that explains everything you need to know about Console Connect, and how we make interconnectivity for businesses as simple and easy as possible.

How Console Connect connects to the Cloud?

25 February 2020

Hear Console Connect’s own Neil Templeton and Paul Gampe explain the simplicity of our enterprise solutions, and how they may help improve your own internet connections

Why companies should use Console Connect?

25 February 2020

Why is Console Connect different from other software-defined interconnect platform, and what are the reasons your company should be using Console Connect? Watch this quick video to find out more

How Console Connect benefits businesses

25 February 2020

Find out more about the multiple key benefits Console Connect can bring to your business, including our easy-to-use platforms and flexible approach.

PCCW Global Corporate Video

30 January 2020

At PCCW Global we put customers at the heart of everything we do. So when you grow, so do we. That’s how our voice and data services have become the backbone of global communications. So whether you’re facing challenges in media, mobility or security, we have the network, the experience and the world-class service to help you achieve your goals.

Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global CEO Interview with Total Telecom

26 September 2019

Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global speaks on the continuous advancements in technology, the impact of key trends for this year, namely 5G and IoT. In his interview Marc touches on the evolution of Networks and how it’s given life to PCCW Global’s network automation system, Console Connect. He sums up the interview with a brief update from the Global Leaders Forum on Blockchain.

PCCW Global’s AAE 1 Cable Landing

26 September 2019

As China continues to work towards the One Belt One Road Initiative, PCCW Global works tirelessly to build the infrastructure for its success. Learn more about how we help to connect the world while preserving the environment for the future.

How to Interconnect with Console Connect by PCCW Global

26 September 2019

In this How-To Demo, we show you how easy it is to Interconnect on Console Connect from choosing your connection partner, making your selections, accepting selections, and going live, all from the easy to use interface via desktop or mobile.

PCCW Global – Keppel Data Centres

20 September 2019

PCCW Global and Keppel Data Centres have joined forces to co-develop an international carrier exchange in Hong Kong. The PCCW Global-Keppel ICX will provide network facilities management with secure and reliable interconnects to global networks, clouds, big data and rich media.

Watch and see the behind the doors of the Wanchai data centre in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district

PCCW Global Cyber Security: The unsung heroes of the 21st century

20 September 2019

At PCCW Global we believe that the right talent with the right tools is vital when battling cyber criminals. Watch and find out more information about how you can partner with us and make your Cyber Security offering better, faster and stronger.

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