G-Mobile protects and grows SMS business with PCCW Global A2P ValueMax

January 8, 2018

PCCW Global and G-Mobile, a Mongolian mobile network operator, have signed a services agreement to protect and increase the Mongolian operator’s SMS revenue with PCCW Global’s A2P ValueMax, a solution that improves an operator’s A2P SMS business by preventing SMS fraud, maximizing SMS revenue and enhancing the subscriber experience.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are victims of SMS “grey route” and “sim-box” fraud, where unscrupulous A2P providers take advantage of friendly, open-door SMS policies to send bulk messages without paying mobile networks.

Typically, large corporates such as banks, Internet companies and airlines make use of these providers’ services in good faith, paying full price for legitimate SMS delivery methods. But some providers then use SMS “back doors”, bypassing legitimate delivery methods and cutting out MNOs to maximize their profits. These shady delivery practices not only adversely affect global MNOs revenues and profits, they also provide an inferior SMS experience resulting in reduced trust from subscribers and enterprises.

From its position as a global carrier, PCCW Global tackles this problem head-on with A2P ValueMax, a unique solution which combines the on-site installation of the best-in-class SMS firewall with an additional managed security layer. PCCW Global’s security experts provide firewall setup validation, relentless firewall stress testing and, most importantly, SMS Market Intelligence. The solution allows an MNO to achieve full dynamic protection against A2P SMS fraud.

SMS Market Intelligence extensively profiles SMS traffic to provide detailed information about SMS delivery, fraud and pricing. Combined with dynamic firewall management, this fully-managed solution offers a unique end-to-end visibility of A2P SMS business for any MNO.

Ms. Ronnie Klingner, President, Mobility, Security and Digital Solutions, PCCW Global, said, “The A2P ValueMax solution enables mobile operators to speedily regain control of their revenue streams. Its value is not only based on improved security, but also on revenue growth as well. Our intention is to change the SMS ecosystem by reversing the current trend of price erosion and replacing it with a better understanding of SMS market dynamics, while eliminating fraudulent traffic that reduces the real service value of the SMS.”

Mr. Magnai Ganzorig, Chief Executive Officer of G-Mobile, said, “As an operator committed to delivering trusted and reliable services to our subscribers, we are looking forward to improved security across our network. Recovering lost revenue will also go a long way to ensure that we are in a position to introduce the very best mobile technologies into our network – advancements that will ultimately benefit our subscriber base.”