Console Connect IoT Partner User Case:
IoT Digital Signage


Digital signage is now seen everywhere. Its the medium of choice for promotions and advertisements in shopping malls, public transport stations, and many other public places. The expectation for modern digital signage solutions is that they are always connected online to receive instant content updates and to enable real-time information such as weather and news delivery to viewers.

Console Connect IoT overcomes the problems that can occur if Wi-Fi or fixed-line internet is not always reliably available where the digital signage is installed. Another challenge is that the signage providers and advertisers may not be in direct contact with the landlord or premises owner who would need to manage the complicated and lengthy process of Internet deployment at a location.Finally fixed-line connectivity options are not economical for short term deployment.

Using the power of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity can dramatically simplify the process of digital signage deployment, installation and updates, even for short term placements such as music festivals or seasonal venues.

Nixplay Signage, a division of Nixplay – the world’s leading smart photo frame designer and manufacturer, is a leading example of how this works. The innovative digital signage maker has teamed up with PCCW Global to optimise and streamline of its cutting-edge digital signage solutions by offering them now with Console Connect IoT.

Nixplay Signage boasts an impressive portfolio of customers – including UPS, PlayStation, Macy’s, Tesla, Marriott and Stanford University, all of which challenged the company to create a feature-rich yet simple solution for their corporate and professional digital signage needs. Nixplay Signage met this challenge by partnering with communications giant PCCW Global to streamline business messaging. Working together they leverage IoT and innovative cloud technology to power class-leading digital signage displays. With PCCW Global’s extensive global network coverage and their Console Connect IoT digital platform, this collaboration will expand and enhance enterprise connectivity options for Nixplay Signage’s digital signage irrespective of location.

“IoT is transforming everyday objects into connected smart systems that will enrich our lives, wherever we are. We are very proud to be the IoT business partner of Nixplay Signage and excited to jointly explore international business opportunities together,” says Craig Price, Senior Vice President, Mobility Products and Marketing, PCCW Global.

PCCW Global was the natural choice for Nixplay Signage to provide pre-installed connectivity into its digital signage displays and provide secure internet connectivity to its digital signage. PCCW Global’s Console Connect IoT service is delivered via PCCW Global’s extensive worldwide mobile 2G, 3G and 4G partner network and supported by the carrier’s own Tier 1 global MPLS infrastructure.

With the Console Connect IoT connectivity solution pre-installed as a mobile SIM, Nixplay Signage can be deployed as a turn-key solution onsite with instant connectivity, avoiding the potential security headaches, logistics and cost issues which would inevitably arise if the signage customer had to connect to the landlord’s Wi-fi. Similarly, PCCW Global’s connectivity solutions free customers from potential delays and costs associated with waiting for a fixed-line installation.

The IoT self-service portal allows Nixplay Signage to activate the connection when the digital signage is in situ, and in use, and not when it is still in the warehouse or in transit. This dramatically reduces connection costs. Nixplay Signage can also self-manage the connection and see real-time connection status and usage data for preventive maintenance.

With Console Connect IoT, Nixplay Signage provides an improved out-of-the-box digital signage solution with integrated hardware and software offerings that can benefit companies spanning every industry.

Display sizes offered by Nixplay Signage range from 8-inches to an impactful 55-inches and includes an innovative digital signage player that can be plugged into any HDMI-capable display. When it comes to software, the Nixplay Signage solutions all feature an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), making it a breeze for owners and managers to flexibly and dynamically keep signage updated with the customer’s latest campaign layouts, scheduling, and even interactive applications. Using the Nixplay Signage CMS, customers simply upload their content and create playlists. Content can even be provided from connected applications such as social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos and popular cloud storage platforms including Dropbox and Flickr.

“With the emergence of digital signage as a hygiene factor in literally every industry, we believe the market demands not only innovative hardware and software, but connectivity options, too,” says David Fergusson, Managing Director of Nixplay and Nixplay Signage.

“Together with Console Connect IoT, we can provide this total digital signage solution over 180 countries and be assured of a fast and reliable connection. The ability to include the Internet connection element in our offer also reduces the maintenance and trouble-shooting time and hence increase customer satisfaction significantly.”

Nixplay signage case study