PCCW Global launches eSIM service for IoT deployment

April 15, 2021

PCCW Global, a leading telecommunications service provider, has launched a globally-connected Embedded-SIM (eSIM) service that is immediately ready for Internet of Things (IoT) deployment globally, providing ground-breaking device connectivity that is expected to revolutionise the automobile, logistics, and connected equipment manufacturing industries.

Making use of technology from Thales, a world leader in identity, security, smart cards and a global leading eSIM platform provider, PCCW Global’s eSIM is a secure, GSMA compliant device that has been designed to remotely manage multiple mobile network operator subscriptions. The support for multiple profiles enables the use of a single SIM with multiple providers’ profiles.

Connectivity for the new eSIM service is provided across PCCW Global’s Tier 1 international and partner network covering 180 countries and territories. In addition, PCCW Global makes use of a proven and reliable technology platform with full integration through a single connectivity and SIM management portal, automated on-demand connections to cloud capabilities with Console Connect IoT integration and full support across PCCW Global’s IoT service ecosystem.

Universally acknowledged as the next great leap forward in communication technologies, IoT is transforming everyday items into connected devices. It provides unprecedented connectivity and the exchange of ‘always-on’ information 24×7, unleashing seemingly limitless opportunities for consumer and commercial applications.

From vehicles with the ability to transmit information back to a fleet owner or a manufacturer, wearable wrist alert bands capable of communicating vital health information for those with medical conditions, to vending machines able to order their own replacement stock, IoT is poised to connect just about everything.

Due to its small size and other significant technological benefits, eSIM is a critically important development for the widespread deployment of IoT devices. The PCCW Global eSIM is available in various form factors and can be installed in any compliant device.

eSIM technology is expected to have a wide-ranging impact on a diverse number of industries. From logistics, through to smart homes and smart cities – everything can be connected with small eSIM technology that requires reduced power for longer uptime between charging.

Mr. Craig Price, Senior Vice President, Mobility Products and Marketing, PCCW Global, said, “We are excited about the possibilities that our new eSIM features and connectivity will provide for many industries. Now we have the technology, the automated platform, and the global connectivity to truly make IoT a reality, enabling business to leverage all of the advantages connected devices bring to a globally connected world.”