Connecting Europe
Providing a reliable international Network

We provide transmission and MPLS VPN coverage in more than 20 European countries

PCCW Global connects Europe with the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia via MPLS, IP and VoIP services over a reliable international network, while serving enterprises and carriers across the Confederation of Independent States (CIS).

We provide transmission and MPLS VPN coverage in more than 20 European countries and in excess of 300 cities from a suite of terrestrial and satellite solutions. Our European backbone connects Europe with the Middle East, Asia and the Americas via diverse and resilient cable routes. We have local support on-the-ground presence in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Greece and Russia.

Our global IP backbone addresses the continental landmass via a substantial number of Points-of-Presence (PoPs), while key Inter-Carrier Interconnection (ICI) agreements facilitate coverage across more than 20 European countries, with rapid rollout extending service to markets in Eastern Europe. PCCW Global uplinks traffic from satellite teleports in Germany and Belgium to cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, PCCW Global offers Ethernet-over-SDH and MPLS Layer 2 Ethernet services that bridge to local offerings throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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